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Something just for Malaysians

Posted by: Phat Mama, 18-Nov-2008

It’s all about Pavilion these days as store after store housed in this spanking new shopping mall kick off their official openings in style. The latest store to open at the Pavilion is D’Hair Shop, which has Winnie Loo as its Ambassador.

Many of us know how synonymous Winnie is with Malaysia’s hairstyling industry. She is that heck of a gutsy lady who plunged into a male-dominated world and revolutionised Malaysia's hairdressing industry by setting new trends and styles.

This outlet is a specialty store that stocks a complete range of premium hair care products license from France, and accessories catering to women and men. Stringent measures are used in quality control whereby the hair products are benchmark against top professional brands available in the market.

The specialised range for both sexes is divided into five categories – Norme (normal hair), Moisis (dry hair), Purete (oily hair), Controle (dandruff scalp) and Colorneu (coloured hair).

D’Hair Shop takes pride in providing us “a great head of hair” without “being hard on the wallet”. And, quality and price are its major concerns so it has no room for half-baked efforts.

But what makes D’Hair Shop any different from the numerous other products out in the market? According to Winnie D’Hair Shop's products are formulated for Malaysians based on factors like gene, race and hair types. She says “what works on hair in the West doesn’t always work on hair in Asia”.

Attractive packaging is another important factor for D’Hair Shop as it believes in the saying that what attracts a person to a product is first its packaging. And if you are like me who always zoom in on a product at the sight of its lovely shape and colour then probably you would find something that pleases at D’Hair Shop.

This outlet is the first in Malaysia but expansion plans are already in place involving RM5 million to open another 20 outlets in the next three years. D’Hair Shop plans to be everywhere in Malaysia and that includes East Malaysia. A second outlet is already scheduled to open at Sungei Wang Plaza at the end of this year.

  • i love their products! thanks so much for this write-up! and it is sooo true that hair products in the west may not always work in asia! i'm going to see if the nice soft effect on my hair will stay longer than my first bottle, which usually is the case with other brands before this :-s wish me luck!

  • Be careful by the claim license from France since the products were manufactured in Malaysia NOT in Paris as claimed.

    How the quality is monitored is beyond anybody's guess. Under license doesn't means there is a quality control by the so-called France body.

    Best of luck!

  • I love the D-hair shop products. I only bought their moisis product a month ago, prior to this I was a regular user of Kerastase. And to my surprise it has done wonders for my hair. Im just loving it but in the fear that it will run out soon(I live in New Zealand where i wont be able to purchase it). My hair has completely transformed, so sleek ,smooth and manageable. I am happy to purchase it thru internet from D-hair shop outlet.


  • I'm glad to have the chance of using D Hair Shop, It's great and done a marvellous job to my hair loss. I've only been using the shampoo for less than 1 month and the result is satisfactory.

    I'm now using their shampoo, hair mask,serum and treatment.