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Four-day diamond showcase

Posted by: Phat Mama, 6-Nov-2008

Four days, that is all diamond collectors have to view HABIB’s South African Diamonds showcased at its Proudly South African (PSA) diamond promotion that starts today.

The promotion highlights world-class diamonds from the Proudly South African diamond factory, which have been processing these gems for five decades.

Malaysians were introduced to PSA diamonds in 2006 when HABIB forged an exclusive partnership with PSA. PSA not only boasts high quality diamonds but is also the “monitoring body” for all diamonds produced in South Africa.

Interested buyers and collectors can view a wide range of PSA diamonds during this four-day extravaganza themed Out of Africa. PSA diamonds in various carats, sizes, clarity and cuts are available for purchase and they can be bought as a single stone or in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Besides PSA diamonds, HABIB is also known for its other exquisite collections such as these.

Throughout the promotion HABIB will be giving generous discounts of up to 70% on selected items from its Bangsar Village 2 showroom. This will be followed with a Knock-Down-Sale tomorrow while on the third day, a lucky draw will be held every three hours for lucky shoppers.

To wrap-up this short promotion, customers get to enjoy a 70+10 Sale on the fourth day. Additional to these, HABIB is giving an RM5 discount for every gram of gold and it will accept gold trade-ins of up to 15%.

The “magic” of the event held at the Centre Court of Bangsar Village 2 (BV2), Kuala Lumpur is that someone will walk home with a PSA diamond worth RM17,760 in a lucky draw.

Habib Corporation Berhad is the first listed jeweler in the country. It has 18 retail outlets, 10 of which are in the Klang Valley. Besides diamonds, it has gold jewellery, pearls and coloured gemstones. HABIB also has exclusive partnerships with international jewellers Queen’s Heart Collection and Hearts on Fire (USA).

Look out for this space as I will be featuring here some of the exquisite PSA diamonds showcased during the four-day exhibition.