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Are you a Bond Girl?

Posted by: Phat Mama, 5-Nov-2008

It’s all about Bond, James Bond for the next few weeks.

Yesterday was my second dose of all things Bond-related although it had one perk. Invited guests to Avon’s Bond Girl Fragrance Launch were among the first few to watch Quantum of Solace before it opens in cinemas on Nov 6 (Thursday).

Guests who turned up at Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Gold Class lounge were treated to a simple opening officiated by Zakaria Daud, Avon’s Sales Director and Dione Cotoco, Assistant Brand Manager Asia Pacific-Fragrance, Avon Regional Brand Marketing Center.
However, the day’s highlight wasn’t about the movie but Avon Bond Girl 007 eau de parfum, which I must say has the best designed packaging compared to previous fragrances released by Avon. According to Cotoco, the shape of the bottle was designed based on a “woman’s curves”.

The newly launched Avon Bond Girl 007 eau de parfum.

“It is a sexy cocktail, a reflection of a woman who has beauty and brains,” Cotoco said.

This product is the first from an exclusive collaboration between Avon and James Bond Entertainment Franchise. However, Avon has in the past done similar collaborations with renowned international perfume designers such as the Christian Lacroix Rough.

Avon, more widely known as the provider for women’s beauty needs associates the fragrance to the strong characters of a woman – “smart, resourceful, confident and sexy”. Bond Girl 007 aims to reflect this.

“Bond Girls have over the years evolved from pure sex symbols to empowered women,” added Cotoco.

Agent Fields - trained to kill.

Bond Girl 007 is available in 50ml and falls under the Fragrance Family of Woody Floral Musk. Its Top Note is of White Peach and Orange Blossom while its Middle Note is that of Jasmine, Exotic Orchid and Freesia. Its base is of Amber, Cashmere Wood, Patchouli and Musk

The perfumers who created this exclusive fragrance are Olivier Cresp, Frank Volkl and Harry Fremont.

So do you want to feel like a Bond Girl? But who exactly are we referring to? British actress Gemma Arterton who plays Agent Fields or Olga Kurylenko who plays Camille?

Rough yet sexy and smart - Camille.

Well, if it’s Olga they are referring to, why not? This is one Bond Girl who made headlines because she didn’t jump into bed with the 007 spy. And, to top it all, the actress is actually being “accused” of betraying her country for appearing in a James Bond movie. Camille, or Olga for that matter, is not only sexy but she has heck of a character too!