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Dress to the nines

Posted by: Phat Mama, 27-Oct-2008

I am intrigued by the Viennese Ball and how it has rubbed on to fellow Malaysians.

Like I said in my earlier post, Malaysia’s Viennese Ball is modeled after Austria’s Vienna Opera Ball, celebrated in some of the major cities in the world.

Albeit a scaled down version to the real thing, Malaysia’s Viennese Ball speaks of the pride of Austrians towards their country’s dance culture that dates back to the 18th Century. Some say it goes back to earlier than the 18th century.

In Vienna, the Ball culture is tradition and ever since the celebration was made “free-for-all” by Emperor Joseph II, more groups have come up with their very own Viennese Ball. So it is no surprise if you were to visit Vienna and find all kinds of Balls organized by various professional and non-professional groups.

But a Ball to an Austrian is not just about prestige and being in a crowd of people with social standing. It is also about having a good time in good company, fine Austrian food and wines. Most of all it’s a time to enjoy the pleasure of waltzing with your partner and maybe later do a bit of jive and swing as much as your feet can muster and your body desires.

The Ball culture in Vienna is most definitely about living it up for the night and dressing to the nines, especially for the ladies. Guests to the Ball would actually plan their clothes and matching jewelry months in advance. And in a grander event, ‘who’s wearing what’ on the night will make headlines in the next day’s papers.

Perhaps Malaysia’s version has not really come to that stage yet but if the following grows even bigger by the next couple of years we will perhaps finally see a more delightful selection of full-length ball gowns from the ladies.

The night is about ‘elegance’ so ladies, feel free to dress to the nines at the next 2009 Viennese Ball in Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, take a peek at some of my favourite gowns at the 2008 Viennese Ball held at the Grand Ballroom of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.