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The champ returns

Posted by: Phat Mama, 25-Oct-2008

The collaboration of two reputed artists forms the winning formula to Longchamp’s recent collection of 60 exclusively designed Moerman Original bags.

These as well as Longchamp’s Autumn/Winter 2008 Collections were showcased during the brand’s recent 60th Anniversary celebration held at the Main Atrium of The Gardens Mid Valley City.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Longchamp has engaged world renowned Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman to work his magic on re-editions of the LM Collection, first designed in the 1970s by Philippe Cassegrain. Philippe is the son of Jean Cassegrain, founder of The House of Longchamp in 1948.

Philippe made famous the LM Collection, which he created for the Japanese market. The collection gave Longchamp not only the recognition as a prestigious maker of women’s handbags but also the chance to expand into the rest of Asia.

Nine years before it even opened its first French store on Rue Saint-Honore, Longchamp has already made its presence felt in Asia with its first store in Hong Kong in 1979. Over the years Longchamp has opened more than 100 stores and its brand is carried in about 2000 other outlets.

Showcased at the event were beautiful, timeless pieces that is signature to Longchamp. Each piece reflects true craftsmanship build over 60 years of being in the leather business.

The Moerman Original Collection is an impressive line up of 60 exclusively designed works of art by this world renowned artist. Every piece of handbag has been given its own distinctive quality and character, reflected from the tatoo-styled designs in a combination of colors. Each piece has been uniquely hand-printed by the artist himself.

Additional to these are the Moerman Special Edition series, where the artist uses the LM motif as inspiration, spreading the creatively drawn motifs across the two models - a shopping tote and a handbag - in this series.

Sixty years have seen a lot of changes within Longchamp’s product designs. The small-leather goods brand of the 1950s have evolved tremendously, adding handbags and luggage bags into its collections.

Longchamp may be a designer brand but its collection also boasts many exquisite simple designs such as its bestselling Pliage bags made of synthetic material trimmed with cowhide leather. While colors like browns and grays dominate, Longchamp’s occasional colors of shocking pinks and blues and apple greens are such a welcome sight.

The success of the LM brought about the birth of Veau Foulanne line in 1980 and the Derby Collection in 1982. In 1993 the brand enjoyed bigger fame with its Roseau line while 2004 saw the Zip Bag and 2006 the Garden Foo line designed by London studio Me Company.

While the Rival, Légende and Cosmos are said to be Longchamp’s It bags of the new millenium, nothing less can be said of its Vintage Collection, the MG Collection and the Xlite hobo bag.

Longchamp’s initial business of making famous leather-covered pipes has come to a close, with their last appearance in the brand’s 1978 catalogue. But, the coming years welcome even bigger steps into producing the world’s most well-crafted leather goods.