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Keep your skin clean

Posted by: Phat Mama, 3-Oct-2008

I have always wanted to get my skin analyzed but you know how nerve-wracking it is to meet these skin Gurus? The biggest fear is if they tell you your skin is ageing faster than your age. Can you imagine that? Even the thought of growing old scares the life of some people. What more this?

But go I did, especially when it is a reliable free consultation.

A prod there and a jab here on my face from Estee Lauder's Training Manager and Skin Specialist Audrey Ang and I have my answers. Several other women were in the room waiting for their turn and I cringed at the thought of what Audrey would have to say.

There are certain beauty regime to adhere to says Audrey Ang.

"Phat Mama," she said, "you have very firm skin."

I felt myself deflated, like a balloon letting out all its gas. Mine was one of relief.

"Your facial skin is very well supported, there is enough collagen production and you have very good skin and it's quite supple," she went on.

But, I have one 'situation', if I may call it that. My skin is dehydrated but not dry said Audrey. It lacks water. It is either I'm out under the sun too much or I'm spending too much time in an air-conditioned environment, which will strip off the natural moisturizer from our body. So the golden rule is: Drink as much as you can to improve your complexion.

According to Audrey, the biggest mistake most women make is not looking after their skin from young. As a result you suffer from bad skin condition when you aged.

This is just one of Estee Laude skincare range called the Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex (ANR).

Some beauty pointers:

1) Start your cleansing routine from as early as 12 years old.

2) Never mix and match your skincare product. Always get the right type of product that targets your skin's concern.

3) Different age groups require different skincare treatments. When you are 18 years old your cell renewal is very fast, causing blackheads and pimples so do not use facial scrubs too often.

4) In our weather, whiteheads and blackheads are common but to keep them in control, always keep your face clean.

5) When trying skincare products, use them for at least three months to see results. This is because the cell cycle needs to first adapt to the ingredients and technology before producing results.

6) The effectiveness of a skincare product depends on age, cell renewal process and how early you started your beauty regime.

7) Our skin becomes drier as we grow older. This is a normal process because our sebum production becomes less active as we age.

8) Foam and gel cleansers strip away the natural moisture in our skin. Therefore they are not recommended for dry skin. Always use cream cleansers.

9) Having good skin is all about protection. Here's a tip from Audrey. If you are travelling e.g. in an airplane and your skin feels tight, rub some moisturizer onto your palm to warm it and press your palms on skin on top of make up. This can help your skin tremendously.