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Mousse delight

Posted by: Phat Mama, 16-Sep-2008

Avon has come up with its latest beauty product, the 3-in-1 Ultra Moisture Rich Mousse lipstick, which acts as a balm, a lip color as well as gloss.  

It uses the 'Soft-lip technology', which emphasizes on extra softness for lips. The mousse inner core is a combination of polymide, jojoba gel and soybean seramides, which enhance the softness of your lips and moisturizes it. The presence of Amino Acid L-Proline adds to the lipstick's moisturizing quality.

Avon dubs it as a 'revolutionary' lipstick, the first of its kind. However, I don't always believe what I read in the product brochure until I've tested it myself.

But before I do that I have to say that the black and gold packaging is attractive. Like they say what attracts a consumer to a product is first its packaging. Content comes second.

The three colors tested - Very Cherry, Crushed Rose and Shimmer Petal in their black and gold packaging.

Avon latest lipstick comes in 10 interesting colors - Nude Glow, Frozen Rose, Delicate Pink, Pale Rose, Berry Mauvy, Shimmer Petal, Crushed Rose, Mango Sorbet, Mellow Magenta and Very Cherry. I tried the Very Cherry, Shimmer Petal and Crushed Rose.

The 10 colors available from Avon's Ultra Moisture Rich Mousse lipstick.

Application is very smooth and yes, you can feel the moisturizing effect on your lips. Color is lasting too. You decide on the look you want by having less or more coats.

However I personally prefer brown shades and lipsticks which have only a tinge of shine on it. Avon's mousse lipstick is a little too glossy for me but will be a delight for women who love a good pout.

Show me that pout!

Actress/producer Reese Witherspoon is Avon's Global Ambassador who is actively promoting the Ultra Moisture Rich Mousse.

The lipstick retails for about RM20+ each.

  • Ooohhh..I'm so getting one of that!

  • hey qrups, time to pout for Xmas, is it ;)

  • More down to earth shades...i might want to get one.