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Bag-ing for more

Posted by: Phat Mama, 12-Sep-2008

Who loves bags? Me! Me! Me! And I know there are many more "Me" out there.

But I have bad news for myself. My chiropractor has banned me from using all types of handbags EXCEPT for backpacks. He stares at my bag every time I visit him. If it's not a backpack I'm carrying than I'm in trouble.

Years of bad posture as a result of "improper seating positions", "using the wrong office chairs","lack of stretching exercises" and my main grouse "carrying heavy bags" has accorded me this "Only Backpack Trophy" award.

He tells me: "Phat Mama, you have so many ailments you can write a book about them and become famous!" Is that a compliment or what?!

I can't help it - I photograph, I write, I craft, I hoop and I paint and so I take my camera equipment everywhere with me, and I stuff loads of things in my bag (handbag, suitcase, computer bag) when I'm out of my house. And when I come home from a day out in town, I have rolls of craft papers, tools, books dumped into my bag by the time I got home. On top of that I have my note books, diary, pen, make-up, torchlight. Good God! The list just goes on and on. And that's why I LOVE big bags. So guess who was jumping with joy when big bags came to town?

"Ordinary" handbags won't do for me. If I carry one of those fashionable big bags it has to be of durable material so they don't tear easily. So of late, while I have put aside my shoe craze, my bag craze is showing it's ugly horns again.

While out at the mall yesterday with a friend, we noticed so many big bags around. Esprit and Guess have several classy designs. We love the black and grey collections. MNG has enormous-sized big bags and the patchwork type has really interesting colors. My friend and I kept smacking each other's hands whenever we were about to buy something we didn't need.

But I have (sort of) found my ideal bag. It's a combination between a handbag and a backpack. Made of cow leather in tanned brown, my new, what I called "hand-back" (they are actually called sling backpack) costs me about RM250. I bought this Sean&Ivan "hand-back" from a mobile stall at Singapore's Raffles City shopping mall.

My Sean&Ivan leather hand-back.

It has three large pockets at the front and another one inside with a zipper for you to store your cash in. Apart from that the bag is just one roomy space where I can chuck my camera and other knick-knacks.

If you have a favorite bag/bags, I would love to hear from you and see what you've got. Maybe one day when we are tired of our collection we can go on an exchange ;)

  • Phat mama,

    I read all your articles on Trensetter blog. There are lots of good infos. And let me tell you i really love your leather sling backpack. I think the tanned brown colour makes it even beautiful. I might want to get one for myself but i live in Syndey at the moment. So how do i go about it?


  • Hi sharm...glad the articles are of some use to you. As for the bag, I bought it at Raffles City mall in Singapore. Drop me an email at and i will get their contacts next time I'm there and will mail you. Cheers ;)