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Sneak peek party

Posted by: Phat Mama, 9-Sep-2008

The constant downpour lately is making me feel like a lazy tabby cat. With the amount of lazing around I'm doing I won't be surprised if I were to pack in a few more unwanted kgs.

Partying is out of the question since it's Ramadan and most of the club venues are slowing their pace. It's good to take a break from the scene once in a while though.

I have not finished sorting out my clothes yet but an invite from a fashion house is already in my mail box. Sigh! Robinsons at The Gardens, Mid Valley City is having a closed-door shopping party on Sept 18.

I guess all the mad shopaholics will be there, elbowing each other for the best bargains. It's Robinsons first anniversary in Kuala Lumpur and you can expect a lot of goodies like a free makeover and beauty pampering sessions at its Beautyhall.

What I want to see is the new Autumn/Winter collection, which features some international labels that are exclusive only to Robinsons. There's Coast of London, Trucco of Spain, Jessica of Hong Kong and Denmark's Soaked in Luxury, Blend and Martinique.

The party though is for select people - the cardmembers of course. So if you want to be invited or that you're a fashion nutter who can't resist the offered 10% discounts on purchases you can grab your purse and apply for the OCBC Robinsons Platinum or the Robinsons card. Being a member also means you get invited to exclusive events with exclusive deals and offers. The first year's celebration includes offering a shopping trip for two to Paris if you are a winner in its lucky draw. So are you feeling lucky already?

Don't put your nose in the air now and think this isn't classy enough for you. Robinsons at The Gardens was awarded first prize at the Institute of Store Planners 2007 Store Design awards, New York. This award fell under the New or Completely Renovated Speciality Department Store category. It beat 173 other entries from around the world. I don't know about you but I love shopping at Robinsons in Singapore, especially at its beauty counters.

Jessica has come up with an interesting Autumn/Winter line-up to be showcased at the party for the first time ever. This fashion label is exclusive to Robinsons.

Jessica's Autumn/Winter collection at Robinsons.

There are several categories to Jessica's collection and you might find each and every one of them interesting. There is the black-and-white ensemble, fruity pastels like peach and pink melba, raspberry and even vanilla.

Jessica's outfits are about details, embellishments and flattering shapes. Fabric choices are aplenty and you can take your pick from the wide selections.

It's not just about casual dressing for Jessica, it's about looking good with designs that accentuate your shape and bring out the elegant you.

Well, I will be back in Singapore for 10 days so it looks like I will miss out on it but let's see if the branches in Singapore are having the same. I'm going to ask my girlfriend to follow me. She's a touch rugby player so I can make use of those strong elbows of hers. That would be fun!