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Posted by: Phat Mama, 6-Sep-2008

I want my body back! I don't care if my friends say I was too skinny then because that is better than having to throw out 95% of my clothes.

I have been skinny for so long that I didn't realize my body weight and shape had changed since I quit my full-time job. It's all the resting I've been enjoying for the past one year I tell you.

I embarrassed myself the other day when I walked to a lingerie department and asked for a size 32 bra. The saleslady looked at me and actually laughed, saying loudly "No la, you're not a size 32! Biggerrr!"

Now I have a huge pile of t-shirts and little black dresses I have to get rid off. Some of these I have not even worn yet since I bought them. I refuse to be labeled "shopaholic" although I do admit I have tons of clothes. I buy anything that I fancy because I like looking good and I always need a new pair of clothes to wear for some occasion or other.

But now I'm feeling dejected because I just saw bebe's latest collection and I know I can't get into any of them!

"Sexy, Sleek and Siren" bebe's Autumn/Winter "screamed" at me. Check out that leather bomber jacket (Photo 1). Is that cool or what? If you're wondering what the model has got on waist down, it is a leather trimmed skinny pants.

Blackn leather bomber jacket matched with leather trimmed skinny pants.

bebe claims black is this season's favorite color. It is THE color for me though, any time, any season. And I'm not into frills and ruffles but bebe makes them look sizzling hot as you can see from these body-hugging short dress. Hemlines are kept short and this will be the moment to flaunt those legs in some fancy high heels.

Black is in this season and so are ruffles and frills.

If you want to stun the guys and gals in the office, as well as keep out the cold from the crazy air-conditioning of course, give a thought to bebe's selection of tweed outfits such as its tweed suit and tweed pencil skirt. But if you're planning a night out straight from the office the tight-fitting tweed dress will do the trick. Just put on bebe's ruffled tweed jacket in the day and off with it at night.

Something tweed?

All said and done I'm definitely going back on my routine 30km bicycle ride when I return to Singapore.