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Stealing the limelight

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-Aug-2008

What I love most about the Tongue in Chic party was the set-up and how a lot of thought had been given to the decor.

Four areas were specifically designed for the party and each of these areas carried a special theme.

These spaces were used to showcase the works of local creative talents Cris Yong, a clothes stylist and fashion stylists Daniel Henry and Calvin Cheong. Kudos to the organizer for their efforts.

Most interesting at the party however were the adorable 200 handmade dolls (they used to be called rag dolls really) dressed in various outfits.

What happened was the dolls were given out to people in the creative industry such as music and advertising. And these people in turn dressed up these dolls in any and every fashionable way they could think of. The result was an attractive and most artistic display of trendy wears specially designed for the occasion by some of our very own local talents.

Now the sad news is I didn't get to pinch even one of those dolls! But that is not bad news because you weren't supposed to remove them from any of the three boards they were displayed on. Note that I said "weren't", which means some people did..., lucky devils!

So, since I didn't get those adorable lifeless creatures I bring you the real thing instead. Check out the last three trendsetters who came for Tongue and Chic's party.

Process Engineer Su-Yen had on this simple off-shoulder Boho dress matched with black handbag and suede pumps. I love the fact that she had her mum's necklace for that vintage look, which makes everything else falls neatly in place.

Su-Yen so sweet.

In-house Counsel Ho Phei Phei was all out for a fun night in her Sevendays top, Tea & Sympathy skirt, Topshop shoe and Miu Miu handbag.

Ho Phei Phei isn't your shy girl-next-door, seen here in her black and white ensemble.

My last favorite "doll" is April Kuan; Junk's Managing Editor who has a thing for simple but sexy blouses. Three things I like on April are her pendant, her shoes and her oh-so-red belt. Whip it girl.

April Kuan sticks to her fashion guideline - keep it simple but sexy.