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Hot chicks on a cold day

Posted by: Phat Mama, 28-Aug-2008

Bangsar was wet from the heavy rain last Wednesday night but my friends and I were in good mood as we headed for Valentine Willie to catch the evening's function. One of them had invited me to the event, which he described as a very chic do, which I should add to my blog.

The event was the launch of Bombay Sapphire/Valentine Willie's Art Projects 2008 (BSAP08), which kick-start next month. The BSAP2008 is a mini art festival that encourages and supports the works and ideas of artists from Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Bombay Sapphire, under Bacardi-Martini Malaysia, has for several years now been actively promoting arty-lifestyle related events, catching the attention of the trendy and creative groups. Designers like Karim Rashim, Marcel Wanders and Yves Behr are just some of the designers who have been featured in Bombay Sapphire's projects and campaigns in the past.

Before going over to Alexis (Upstairs) to attend the launch we stopped by the gallery where we had the pleasure of viewing artist Nadia Bamadhaj's Surveillance exhibition, which highlights her charcoal-drawing-based work that ends this month.

The launch saw an interesting mix of company. Chilling out at Alexis (Upstairs) was Badriya Yasmeen Dowe who works as an Assistant Curator at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Badriya came dressed in a beautiful Vietnamese national costume, the Ao dai while the rest of the guests played safe and was at their most casual - simple tops matched with pants or skirts.

Nothing ordinary will please Badriya.

When it comes to fashion, Badriya avoids wearing "current trends".

"Dressing up is not about 'matchey-matchey' stuff," she said. "It's about being eclectic and different."

Badriya had her outfit made-to-order from a silk shop in Thailand while there on visit.The Ao dai is similar to the Chinese Qipao. It consists of a long blouse with side slits worn over baggy pants.

Another guest who caught my attention was Nina Moha, CEO of the National Association for Fitness Instructor who came in a spunky outfit that was almost an eye-popper. She had on a one-piece white Guess short shorts matched with a tiny knitted vest in brown. With her black beaded purse in one hand, Nina was all ready to strut in her black Nine West heels.

Nina Moha could easily stop traffic with her short shorts.

Perhaps it was Valentine Willie's manager, Snow Ng who capped the night with her simple outfit in different shades of blue. She highlights her pants, top and long vest with a long bead necklace and choker in earth colors.

Looking cool in blue is none other than Snow Ng.

The BSAP08 fest kicks off on Sept 20 and ends on Dec 6. To read more, visit