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Fashion on wheels

Posted by: Phat Mama, 25-Aug-2008

Last Wednesday night saw four functions back to back, stretching from Damansara Perdana right up to Alexis in Bangsar and Apartment and Zouk in the city centre itself.

While none had anything to with fashion and beauty product launches, all were a feast for the eyes because the trendiest of people had gathered at the different spots.

Singapore-based The Bike Boutique made its introduction to cyclists in Kuala Lumpur with its first outlet in Malaysia, located in Damansara Perdana. Together with its impressive collection of high-end track and mountain bicycles the boutique brought along with it Singapore's "healthy lifestyle through sports" concept.

What has bicycles got to do with my blog? A lot. Keeping fit is a big part of looking good and what better way then cycling?

In Singapore, which is my second home, cycling isn't a trend; it's a way of life. Look out for this space and watch how cyclists set their own fashion trend.

Keep fit and look good at the same timewith cycling gear from The Bike Boutique.

Cycle safe and be seen in this pink cycling gear also from The Bike Boutique.