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Happy feet

Posted by: Phat Mama, 14-Aug-2008

Hi...I'm the new kid (hic!) on the block for this site and I'm kicking off my first post with one of the most popular items in our wardrobe - shoes!

How many pairs of footwear do you have? I used to have a collection of more than 100 pairs and for someone who doesn't enjoy a fat paycheck, that is bad news.

But not anymore. Today, I have about 30 pairs of footwear left after I got rid of them through various means :) And I have been on best behavior - the most recent addition to my collection are the two leather boots I bought early last year.

Many of us are "mad" about shoes, aren't we? And don't believe it if someone says it's a "woman thing". Men suffer from "shoe craze" too. I know because my partner can't walk past a shoe store without being tempted to cart a few pairs home.

While out in town one weekend, I noticed that most people regardless of age prefer casual shoes that are kind to the feet when they go shopping. Singaporean students Christopher Wang, Belle Wu and Lee Zhi Wei prefer casual sports shoes in trendy designs and colors.

The kind of shoes that Christopher (left), Belle and Zhi Wei love.

A lot more guys than girls were seen in designer sports shoes such as this hip-looking Puma in a nice mix of red, white and black colors, which looks cool when matched with a nice black jeans.

Add spunk to your outfit with this black-red-white sports shoes from Puma.

A quick chat with some of these trend-setters revealed that they spend an average of RM200, and sometimes more, for a snazzy pair.

Looking good sure has a price.

  • I have been a good girl this month.
    The last pair I bought was hrm in April!

  • hey grups, tx for showing support. saw ur site. that's a cool shoe, the one in animal print. got any good pix of it?

  • love ur write-up

    i'm not that crazy over shoes like my mom..but i have a collection of 1 deep red, 1 yellow & 1 green sneakers..can't wait to add more to the collection :D

  • Hey blueberry, want to share photos of your shoe collection? Maybe I can buy one off you so you can get another...???