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Fashion and fun at Mumm's

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It’s the F1 season again and a lot more things are happening in KL.

I am back in town for a few weeks and it’s good that this return coincides with the F1 season.

My friends have been pulling me left and right to attend launches and parties in conjunction with the F1. I accepted a few and declined several as I have a tight schedule this time around in KL.

Today’s short “visit” to a newly opened fashion house in Telawi (Bangsar) turned into an even longer outing for me. My friend coaxed me to attend Mumm F1 Celebration Party held at the concourse of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. And I’m glad I went.

It was a well-put-together event at a reasonably big venue and although it is a fairly grand affair with free-flowing champagne throughout the night attended by well-heeled guests, it was not superficial or snobbish.

G.H. Mumm, which is exclusively distributed by Pernod Richard Malaysia, is the official champagne for the 2009 FIA (Federation Internationale de I’Automobile) Formula One World Championship. It has been the official champagne for the Championship since 2000. Winners of the race will pop the Cordon Rouge, the signature cuvee of G.H. Mumm, at the podium celebrating their victory.

Also unveiled on the night was the quartz size (750ml) G.H. Mumm Limited Edition Tin-Box Casing, available exclusively at G.H. Mumm’s F1 Lounge at the Couture Area on Level Three of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The casing has been specially designed for the Cordon Rouge champagne. A tasting session is conducted between 5pm and 7pm at the Lounge on weekdays.

Mumm F1 Celebration Party is spread over five days, featuring a series of private cocktail receptions in the evening at the same venue. The event also involves Malaysia’s leader in luxury goods retailing, the Valiram Group.

Four of Valiram’s prestigious fashion label – Chloe, Coach, Giuseppe Zanotti and Shanghai Tang – showcased their Spring/Summer 2009 Collection during the event.

One showcase stood out prominently that evening – the exquisitely designed footwear by Giuseppe Zanotti. I like the fact that the shoes were “served” for all to see on trays, carried along on the runway by four male models.

The Giuseppe Zanotti Spring Summer 2009 Collection is all about freshness translated through the bright colours used in most of the designs that feature simple flats to cut-out wedges, platform shoes and stilettos.

A complete stranger who was standing to my right turned to me at the end of the showcase and said in the most satisfied voice: “So beautiful!” And I know she really meant it because the shoes were more than just beautiful. They are almost artistically crafted.

The three other labels had their very own individual strengths. Strong shades of blues and reds used in dresses and shorts brought the unmistakable fun element to the designs. Tops were matched with electric blue and shocking pink leggings. And earth colours still dominate, with the occasional greens, reds and yellows added to jazz things up.

It was a promising evening that opened the senses to the tasteful world of fashion and living.

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