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Thursday November 24, 2011

Wedding Chaperone

As everyone is familiar, the wedding chaperone or 船ai Kam Jie' is always present when conducting the more traditional wedding ceremony, offering words of prosperity to the elders and also the couples. Tracing their roots back to ancient China, the 船ai Kam Jie' is a crucial part in the traditional Chinese ceremony. However, how important is this practice in these modern times?


In days gone by, to be able to call one a 船ai Kam Jie', one must come from a prosperous family -- there must be three generations still living under one roof to signify the Dai kam Jie's her prosperity. To top that off, she must be knowledgeable of the traditions and customs like what is the auspicious time for exchanging the dowry, the hair dressing rituals, the tea ceremony and so on.


Today, the 船ai Kam Jie' is a profession much appreciated by the older generations and for some who are looking to add that little touch of tradition in their wedding. Modern 船ai Kam Jie's roles and task are not as ritualistic as it used to be. Generally they will coordinate all the activities for the day and make sure things run smoothly; help with picking up of the bride and the tea ceremony.

Aside from the essential skill and knowledge, a 船ai Kam Jie' should have good communication skills when dealing with relatives and vendors alike. As with any other event, mishaps are bound to happen in a wedding hence keeping calm is crucial as to not disrupt the merry atmosphere.

Photos credited to Louis Pang Studio

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